As the season is changing and the colors of nature deepen and darken, this is a good time to reflect these changes in the art that we make. Art journaling is the perfect way to unleash your creativity and capture the colors of the season. In this class you will create unique mixed media backgrounds perfect for journaling, doodling and meditative practice.

You will create pages using acrylic paint, paper collage, and inspiration from the changing landscape. You do not have to be creative to get wonderful results out of these materials.

All participants will receive a pack of supplies in the mail or by delivery, including a mixed media journal, glue stick, white paint, two tubes of paint with color, and a scrap paper pack. Ticket sales end on Tuesday, October 13 at 1pm ET.

About the teacher:

No one should be forced to fit into one box. April Corbett loves everything that she does and encourages others to find what they love and do it. She's an engineer, maker, planner designer, productivity guru and all around crafter. She's always looking for new projects and awesome places to take her engineering career. Follow April on Facebook here.